Intelligent Crime Map of South Africa (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Nobody needs an update about the wrongdoing circumstance in South Africa or the present situation identifying with security and wrongdoing as a rule.

Truth be told, at Trellidor we accept that everybody has the option to have a sense of security and have total genuine feelings of serenity when at home or at work.

In contrast to our rivals, we don’t utilize alarm strategies to sell our items nor do we make recordings of crooks at work to frighten individuals into purchasing items.

We care about our clients and give all our endeavors to assist them with settling on the correct choices about their wellbeing.


We spent incalculable hours investigating wrongdoing insights and patterns all through South Africa in the course of the most recent ten years.

We consulted and spoke with the SAPS and Statistics South Africa to attempt to get further supportive data around the kind of wrongdoing which has had the most elevated development and the least lessening.

Once we had all of the data, we put it into something our users can have fun with and learn at the same time.

Enter our completely intuitive wrongdoing guide of South Africa.

We would not like to follow the pattern and make a piece around the standard ‘fate and melancholy’ identifying with wrongdoing in South Africa yet we needed to communicate something specific of expectation just as an enlightening instrument to assist you with understanding the various effects which wrongdoing has had on various urban communities inside our wonderful nation.

How to use this tool:

Everything about our wrongdoing map is intuitive and permits you to draw in with the content, illustrations and designs.

Essentially select your territory, wrongdoing type and the year as a primary concern and watch the wrongdoing map wake up.

Our instrument is completely versatile well disposed, permitting you to connect with it in a hurry and offer it with your loved ones.

Trellidor won’t just be pioneers in prevalent security entryways and shades for your home and business yet will be thought pioneers who engage our country.

Engage with the interactive crime map now

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