How to Slim Down After Child Birth

Are you battling to lose excess body fat after having a child? Find out how to become your slim self again..

For some women, it seems impossible to reduce their excess weight gained during pregnancy.

Many health advisers have expressed concern that many mothers risk their health trying to lose fat due to pregnancy by imitating celebrities.

Young mothers face constant pressure from TV and magazines with photos of celebrity mothers who seem to be able to easily return to normal body shape just a few weeks after giving birth.

Although weight loss after pregnancy is important to avoid obesity , diabetes and heart problems in the future. Decreasing weight after childbirth must be gradual and controlled with light exercise and realistic weight loss targets. 

Weight loss with a very limited and low calorie diet after giving birth can cause mother's milk to dry up or cause a lack of important fat for baby food.

Women who want to lose weight after pregnancy should not cut the food group or start a severe diet, especially if they are breastfeeding. It is advisable to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Healthy exercises to slim down after pregnancy

The time needed to lose weight seen after birth depends on how much weight you gain during pregnancy. If a weight increase of 50 or 60 kg during pregnancy, this will not be possible to reduce overnight.

The important thing in weight loss after childbirth is by avoiding foods that contain preservatives and sugars and refined carbohydrates that inhibit weight loss efforts.

We may find it difficult to return to our original weight as before pregnancy, but this does not mean that we will not experience substantial weight loss after birth.

If we just can't lose the last 5 kg, don't be hard on yourself, set it up with a healthy eating program and regular exercise so the results will appear

Essential Tips for reducing weight after giving birth:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables; Fruits are a source of vitamins, water and fiber. Eating fresh fruit several times a day will fill and help us transition to the next meal
  • Breastfeeding. In this case by itself will cause weight loss because when caring for the baby causes the uterus to contract the body's helper to return to the state before becoming pregnant faster
  • Drink more water
  • Increase your exercise routine