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Starting Your Own Business with Minimal Capital

Do you want more freedom in your finances & income? Read our tips on starting your own business on a budget

Who does not want to have a business that can be managed on their own both time and profit? But there is one thing that is usually a ballast step someone wants to do business independently?

Yes, the answer that is often heard is about minimal capital

When people want to do business , of course what they need is goods or services to be sold and the transaction place.

The place of transaction in question can be a kiosk or shop. Even to open a stand, those who want to do business need to pay rent. 

Then, what is the solution if we do not have a lot of capital or minimal capital?

Some tips for doing business with minimal capital:

1 - Register or create a list of needs

The need here means all the preparations needed to open a business, such as the need to list the costs that will be incurred. From production costs (if the business is engaged in goods business), promotion costs through flyers, electricity costs, telephone fees, internet fees, employee salary costs, and others.

After making a list of all the details, the next step is to underline which posts can be minimized budgeting. For example, if we can use the house as a place of production or a place to sell, this certainly saves money. We only need to change the post to just an exhibition stand. This is necessary to show off selling items offline.

Promotion through Social Media

If SEO (search engine optimisation) is not an option for you, or if it is too costly, utilize social media platforms.


Promotion through social media will save spending items at the flyer section. We can take advantage of social media accounts to disseminate business. Anticipation is a slightly more expensive internet fee course.

Spread samples and testimonials

If you intensively promote business through social media for the sake of saving and doing minimal capital business, then that means we need a way to attract the trust of prospective buyers.

The trick is to include testimonials from friends or people who were previously given samples or examples of selling goods. You can also post photos from endorsed artists. With the increasing number of photos or the results of capturing testimonials from people, the credibility of their business is increasing.

With this, there is no reason for those who want to have a business with minimal capital. Only arrangements need to be made in inventory and promotion.