The Danger of Doing Business with Friends

One way to earn income besides working for “people” is doing business. Business is now very broad in scope. Not only selling goods but also providing services including business. Provide what is needed man from head to toe, as well as spiritual needs as refreshing and hobbies. All can be made into a business.

When starting a business, of course you will interact with many people. Whether it’s the position of supplier or as a consumer. Even your best friends are often involved in developing your business. What is the connection between friends and business? Something that seems close but complicated if you don’t understand the rules.

In a business, the role of friends needs to be explained in black and white. Business is an exact count that is avoided by something gray. Even though it’s between you and your friends and you with you. Indeed there is closeness of heart that is built together with time, but for a business, friends and business is something that must be arranged from the beginning so that friendship does not break because business and business are destroyed because there is a dispute with friends.

To start a beautiful collaboration, make clear rules of the game. You can start from the division of tasks in business. Learn about the business you live in, see the advantages of you and your friends, each party has the competence and expertise in what field. If you are good at finance and good at negotiating or negotiating, you can hold finance and shop for raw materials. And if your best friend is good at production, give him the authority to handle production.

Harmonizing friends and subsequent business is clear in profit sharing. Every business certainly has profits derived from its production process. Determine in advance about the distribution. How many percentages are determined based on the role and the amount of capital participation of each party.

If necessary, make a letter of agreement along with other things that might occur. It seems too formal and the tone of the possibility of one party being offended, but in business must prioritize professionalism. Positive thinking and intended to build a professional business will facilitate both parties to move together.

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