How to Secure Your Family with Slam Lock Security Gates

[Safety First!]

If you are ever in a situation where you are worried about your own safety or the safety of your family, you need to get serious and invest in custom made, quality security doors, window shutters and retractable gates. At Trellidor, we manufacture, design and handcraft a wide range of Security solutions for your home or business.

One of our best products on the market (worldwide) has unique technology which allows you to Slamlock your security gate at any time you wish without having to worry about keys! This is the ultimate crime barrier. Not only are slam lock gates rugged and tough, but they are also beautiful in design, coating and offer the highest quality security gate in South Africa.

Our wide range of slam lock security gates provides total peace of mind and comfort in your own home or office. View our Retractable Slam Lock Gates in action below:

Image of Retractable Security Gate

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