Five Top Beauty Tips for Women On The Go

Tip for Eye Lashes

Shudder those more drawn out, progressively lifted and voluminous lashes without need to utilize lash stylers or stacks of mascara with our LVL treatment. Or on the other hand on the other hand, attempt our astounding semi-lasting lashes and get the falsies look without applying strips.

Tip for Eye Brows

Temples take always to get right, however don’t fear we have the answer for your forehead hardships! Fortunately with the assistance of microblading by our in-house temples master Samantha Trace – you can wake up with ideal foreheads without moving a muscle! For more data on microblading by Samantha Trace, click here.

IPL Hair Removal (laser)

Need to wear dress… however neglect to shave your legs. Stress no more. Our IPL treatment for all time expels any undesirable hair.

Tip for Hair Blow Dry

No one prefers a messy hair day, yet Blush + Blow have you secured. Our Keratin blow dry fixes and restrains crimped locks, while additionally includes a beautiful sparkle; helping make each day, a great hair day!

Tip for Lips

You can’t beat the look of kissable lips and having to always apply lip liner, lipstick and ligloss can be tedious work!

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